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Man Who Transformed His Skin Reveals the Exact Steps It Took

We all love a good makeover story, and this may be the most dramatic we’ve seen. 23-year-old US bodybuilder Brian Turner was once covered in large, intense cysts and blackheads before he found his own cure to rid himself of acne once and for all. While he credits his three steps of giving up dairy, drinking a gallon of water daily and consuming 12 servings of vegetables a day, he recently revealed the “easy, medium and hard” steps you can take to eliminate your acne, too. The “easy” list begins with the simple task of changing your pillow cases....

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Reddit Users Have Discovered the 10-Second Shower Secret That Can Clear Up Your Bacne

For those that suffer from breakouts on their neck, back and butt regularly, there could be a simple shower trick that you can do to limit the amount of pimples on your body. While we can’t say firsthand whether it works or not (we haven’t tested it out just yet), it seems to be getting a lot of attention on Reddit, and here’s why. One user posted that if you are having trouble with acne on your body, to try washing your hair and conditioning it before you wash your body in the shower. The post also says that...

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Secrets From an “Extraction Whisperer”

I have the very fortunate position of working in an office that’s a five-minute walk from the Jurlique Spa in New York. Whenever I need a few minutes of “me time” I make my way from Rockefeller Center, battle the craziness that is Fifth Avenue (sorry, Saks) and pop out on a much-more-quiet block on Madison. One step in the spa and I’m immediately transformed from an emailing-checking stress-case to a balanced-Zen being who’s biggest decision is how much rosewater to spray. The place is a literal oasis—no sales people are pushing you to make a purchase, botanical blends...

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The Anti-Aging Trifecta You May Be Forgetting to Tackle

When it comes to facial aging, we are so honed in on treating lines and wrinkles that we sometimes forget there’s a whole host of “other” factors that can contribute to an aged appearance as well. To make sure you’re hitting ALL signs of aging, don’t forget these three culprits: Volume Not to make things totally confusing, but facial fat can have both a positive and negative effect on your face. “Volume loss appears as deflation in predictable patterns: upper outer cheeks, at the nasal base of the smile lines (nasolabial triangle), in front of the jowls (pre-jowl sulcus),...

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New Study Shows This Common Skin Care Product Can Improve Hyperpigmentation by Nearly 50 Percent

We all know that sunscreen protects skin from the damaging effects of the sun, but, the results of a new study show another huge benefit to wearing it, and we were totally surprised when we learned what it was. A new study conducted by Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc., published this month in Dermatologic Surgery, reveals that not only does your daily dose of SPF help prevent damage from harmful UV rays, but it also actually helps erase signs of photoaging that already exist, like wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. Until now, this benefit of sunscreen has hardly been investigated. You...

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